Deltos Publishing offers students of Modern Greek the possibility to further improve their proficiency in the language with the help of various supplementary materials.

  • Odos Grammatikis

    Odos Grammatikis presents the most important grammar topics of Modern Greek in a simple, user-friendly manner. It is a grammar guide suitable for those who are learning Greek as a second or foreign language, for those who teach it to...

  • Ellinika lexi-lexi

    Ellinika lexi-lexi has been designed to meet the needs of the adult intermediate and/or advanced student (B2 to C2 levels) who is learning Modern Greek as a foreign or second language. It aims at improving their reading comprehension, vocabulary and...

  • Mystika Orthografias A’

    Mystika Orthografias A' is based on a novel approach to the orthography of Modern Greek. It makes the choice of the correct letter or letter combination an easy task. The book is addressed to speakers of other languages who are...